Energy drinks, which give the body the energy it needs quickly with the ingredients, continue to be one of the popular consumer products.

Energy drinks with high levels of sugar and caffeine are available in different flavors and with different stimulants. Since 2016, Mayar Bison energy drink, which is a 100% domestic energy drink, is known as the best energy drink preferred with both its content and packaging design.

How do energy drinks affect?

Energy drinks are frequently consumed by young people, especially when studying or having fun during the night, as they keep the individual awake. The effects on the body from the moment it is consumed are as follows:

Thanks to the high level of caffeine in the energy beverage composition, it mixes with the blood approximately 10 minutes after drinking and increases the pulse. In the next few minutes, the concentration in the blood increases to the highest level. After 30 minutes, it eliminates mental and physical fatigue and provides more energy and vigor. After 1 hour after the energy drink is drunk, the energizing effect starts to disappear. The individual starts to feel tired again. After 6 hours after drinking, 50% of the caffeine in the blood decreases. After 12 hours, caffeine of energy drink will be not found in the blood. However, this duration can be extended or shortened according to the person's age and activity. When 24 hours are completed, the energy from the energy drink is not present in the body.

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